Submitwolf Testimonials

Read what some of our customers have to say about SubmitWolf and the quality of our Free technical support.

I had the 1996 version of this software and it made my site so busy that the ISP (IDT Inc.) started billing me for the traffic above my monthly allottment - needless to say,my business took off like a rocket! Submit Wolf is worth every cent. Can't wait to submit my NEW enterprise with the 2005 version.

David J. Todeschini

Thanks so much. I did as you suggested and things seem to be fine now. I do appreciate your quick and responsive info. You should take great pride in the products you market. I use and sell many different ad submission tools. Swolf and Classify PRO are the best in my inventory.

Barry D. Burtt

I've had most of your products for some time now and I just upgraded to SubmitWolf v4.01. I wanted to contact you to comment on your installation process. It is one of the best, most seamless and effective self installers I have ever used. Outstanding. Thank you for a fine product and an excellent dollar value. I continue to recommend your products.

Donald Siwek

I've got a registered copy of SUBMITWOLF, and I have to say that since using it, I've increased my site hits from maybe 100 or 150 per day, to a MASSIVE 5000+.
Kind regards,

Adam C. Mason - Director, Scandelta Consulting & Sales Ltd

By the way, great tech support. I usually have to wait a couple a days before I get an answer. You guys got back to me within a day.

Carlos Guerrera

I am very grateful to you for the extra effort you put into correcting my problem.
You have - by far - the best submission program available! I use Traffic Builder also, and have used Submission Wizard - but yours is tops. (otherwise I would not have parted with that kind of money).
Have a Merry Christmas,

Ken Bird

Hey Ya'll!
Congratulations on the latest version of SubmitWolf! I can't wait to register it. It will have to wait a while until I can afford the $100. I love the fact that you incorporated a Meta Tag generator, Rank checker and submission program all in one.
Keep churning out great products!

Scott Grotyohann

That's good, quick tech support, one of the things that makes software worth the price.

Mike Clark

Its great to see that an Aussie product is considered the best in the world by the people that use it.
Best wishes for the future.

Scott Charlton
Sydney Australia

You told me once before you always reply to your emails. You weren't joking were you? Good to hear from you. Don't know if you remember but I thanked you for the great support and fantastic software (Classify PRO). I'll be purchasing SubmitWolf this week with part of my Christmas money. Trellian is a fantastic company and I sure enjoy doing business with you folks. You have a happy New Year too.
Best regards,

Jim Davis

Thank you very much
prompt and efficient like your products
Go Australia

Simon Strauss

Thankyou for all your help............and by the way.......I submitted a few of my sites.......and WHAT AN AWESOME PROGRAM IT IS!!!!!!!
I've never seen anything so fast..........I used to use the Spider.........but this one blows it completely out of the water and around the world.
Thanks happy camper here!

Jill Ellis

By day I am a full time recruiter for an executive search firm. And by night I'm an internet marketer. SubmitWolf has saved me countless hours marketing websites and opportunities for both hats that I wear. I looked at numerous programs. And while SubmitWolf was highly rated I was concerned about purchasing software from a vendor halfway across the world. But the product, the service, the upgrades, the tech support, and the results have been worth tremendously more than the minimal investment. SubmitWolf and the Trellian staff have made my internet careers very successful.

Shannan Hearne, CPC, Charter Mountain Gourmet Consultant

Thanks, Malcolm, you guys have great customer service. I have used the product for years now and have always been very happy with the prompt help I receive when I have a question or problem.

Hayden Mitchell

Not a problem......your software was the greatest product that ever happened to our web site.
Best Regards,

Rey Rodriguez

The program is fantastic!!!!

David Troedson

I have been a SubmitWolf user for about a year - your product and support have been fantastic - keep up the excellent work- Thank you

Jim Gillum
Gillum & Associates, New Port Richey, Florida USA

I have Soft Spyder, and Global Bot, but I wish I had found yours first. Would have saved me some money. Yours is the Best. If you ever have a reseller plan count me in.

Howlin Will

Thanks again. excellent software. I think I have tried about 50 apps over the past few days. Yours is the best.


Thanks again. I e-mail lots of different Companies on the Internet and you give by far the best support even though one of the questions I asked you was on your web site.
Thanks again

Martin Kemp

Thank you so much! We are very happy with SubmitWolf! One of the best buys we ever made!
Have a wonderful day!


I can tell you that I have doubled my vistiors to my site and doubled my income since I started using SubmitWolf.

Ake Petersson

Talk about great program. I did help my friend to fix his website and make it search engine friendly. From no ranking on the engines at all to top ranking (No 1) on the word "hovslagare" (its Swedish for a man working with putting shoes on horses) on Yahoo and Altavista (.se)

This using SEO Toolkit and Submit Wolf PRO

Thats fantastic!!