SEO Toolkit - Rank monitoring

 Check your rankings on all major engines  
Search engine rankings can change daily, making it time consuming to keep track of your search engine position

The Ranking tool provides a simple solution to monitoring website rankings. You can track a web site's change in position with the historical graph reports, see the top web sites for any search term, or see where a web site ranks on different search engines.

The SEO Toolkit also features a ranking wizard to assist with obtaining rankings.
Track ranking history over time

Each time a URL's ranking is checked, the rank is recorded on the ranking history graph, making it easy to see the long term changes in ranking for all the major search engines.
The image above displays an example history chart for the URL on the Google search engine. This feature provides a visual display of the URLs change in rank for an engine.

Note: Only one entry per day is created for the history tracking.


Generate a range of ranking reports or export the data

 4 different ranking reports can be generated to assist with analyzing keyword performance.

  • A customized report (in the build report menu item)
  • Top ranked URLs - displays the top URLs for the search engine currently selected.
  • The results that match your URL are highlighted.
  • Keyword summary - provides a summary of the keywords, showing which keywords
    the URL was ranked for in the top section, and the keywords not ranked in the
    bottom section.
  • History - displays the URL's ranking history for the selected engine.


This can help you monitor the performance for various keywords you may be targeting.

Top ranked URL report

An example of a top ranked URL report:

Keyword summary

An example of a keyword summary report:

The Ranked terms section displays the engines and terms for which the URL had a ranking for. The unranked terms section displays the engines and terms for which the URL was not ranked for.

The column breakdown is as follows:

Keyword - displays the keyword.

Engine - displays the name of the engine.

Position - column shows the position of the URL in the results. This also includes paid ads and links

Page - displays the page number of the results containing the URL.

Change - displays the movement in position since the last ranking position check.

Links - displays the number of links to the URL found in the results.

Date - displays the date and time of the last ranking position check.

Top ranked URL - column shows the highest ranking page (based on the URL you entered) found in the results.

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