Trellian SEO Toolkit - Website Analytics

Website Analytics

The Web stats tool is a real time alternative to using a web log analyzer. The tool provides information about:

  • How many hits (page views and unique visitors) your web site is receiving
    by hour, day, week, month, quarter and year.
  • How many different people visit your site.
  • Where your traffic is coming from: search engine placements,
    search terms from search engine optimization, links from other sites, or other sources.
  • Which pages are frequented the most.

The search engine marketing reporting can help to:

  • Track which search engines and keywords drive the most traffic.
  • Generate search engine marketing reports.
  • Track repeat visitors from pay per click campaigns, such as, Google's Adwords and Yahoo's Overture.
  • Provide a first line of defense for the identification of fraudulent clicks, including
       the ability to set up email alerts and notifications based on user defined
       thresholds for click fraud.

The analysis can help you to:

  • See how visitors navigate within your web site.
  • See how many orders were placed by marketing campaign, search engine placement or other search engine marketing techniques.
  • Understand the analysis by providing a graphical view of traffic trends.

  • And much more !


* Note: A separate subscription is required for Website Analytics.

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