Trellian SEO Toolkit - Link popularity

Check your link popularity and search engine saturation


The advantages of having links to your web site is primarily that the
more sites that link to you, the more potential traffic you can attract
to your site. Also some search engines base their ranking strategies
on link popularity. This is based on the theory that the number of
links to your web site is directly proportional to your web site's value,
relevance and importance. Obviously the higher your ranking, the
more traffic you can generate to your web site. As a result, increasing
the number of quality, relevant sites which link to your site can
actually improve your search engine rankings.

A link popularity check provides a quantitative measure of how many      
other web sites link to yours. The Link Popularity tool crawls search engines to find links to your web site, and displays the results in an easy to understand report.

Link Popularity is an excellent tool to help you determine whether your web site is more popular than your competitors. You can browse the web sites that are linking to your competitor's site, and gain insight into how you can best expose your web site to potential visitors.





The above image shows the number of links to the domain and the number of indexed pages from the domain (saturation).


The link popularity tool can also display a historical graph, which provides a visual display of
the domain's change in popularity and saturation. The graph can display individual engines
only, or all engines on the same graph.

A link popularity and saturation history graph for MSN

A link popularity history graph section from a link popularity report

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