What is Search Submit?

Search Submit is Overture's new paid inclusion product, which offers a very simple yet effective method for online businesses to be considered for inclusion in the main body of search results pages on multiple portals. By subscribing to Search Submit, your Web pages are reviewed for quality and submitted to a database that provides search results to Yahoo!, AltaVista, AlltheWeb, FAST and others. Your listings will be included in relevant search results, providing your business with a source of targeted customer leads.

What are the benefits of using Search Submit?

Search Submit offers many benefits, including:

  • Rapid submission and minimal account management, saving you valuable time
  • Increased exposure to nearly 80 percent of active Internet users through a single point of submission into the search engine that powers Yahoo!, AltaVista, AlltheWeb, FAST and others
  • Frequently refreshed content, ensuring that your most up-to-date pages are included in search results
  • Reporting to track and optimize performance
  • High return on investment (ROI) with a low annual subscription fee and fixed cost-per-click pricing model

How does Search Submit work?

Here is how the Search Submit program works to drive targeted leads to your business:

  • You begin by deciding which pages from your Web site you would like to submit to be included in search results across the Search Submit partner network. The more URLs you submit, the greater the potential for receiving targeted customer leads.
  • Your URLs are reviewed for quality. Approved URLs are then included in the search index (database) that powers Search Submit partner sites.
  • When Internet users visit Search Submit partner sites and enter search terms determined to be relevant to the content on your submitted pages, your listings will appear within search results.
  • Your content is kept up-to-date by frequent refreshes, typically every 48 hours, to ensure that your customers view the latest offerings on your Web site.
  • Once your URLs are in the search index, you are not required to do any further account management other than viewing your reporting data to understand how well your account is performing.

Please also read to Search Submit terms and conditions.