Keyword Discovery vs Wordtracker™

KeywordDiscovery is fast becoming the keyword research tool of choice by many of the SEO experts that rely on our advanced keyword research tool to perform keyword research, the bedrock of effective SEO and PPC campaigns.


The above WordTracker™ comparison was performed in April 2006. Not all features were included and features may change in the future. See our KeywordDiscovery features page that covers all the major benefits of KeywordDiscovery.

"...if we only subscribe to one keyphrase research tool, it would have to be KeywordDiscovery. The reason is very simple. It helps me save my clients money by returning more words that are relevant than Wordtracker, Yahoo's keyword suggestion tool or Google's keyword tool. ... KeywordDiscovery just returned 368 relevant keywords for a brand new client campaign ... Wordtracker came up with 64, Yahoo 73, and Google 58..."
Troy Matthews -

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* Dogpile, InfoSpace, MetaCrawler and WebCrawler.
** KeywordDiscovery Standard users have access to top 1,000 and Enterprise users have access to top 10,000

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