5. Referrer Intelligence   

Link Intelligence not only provides information about engines, but also about specific sites that refer traffic to your competitors. You can use the data to identify which specific pages refer traffic to your competitors.


In previous examples we have seen that the top 10 sites that drive traffic to business.com are all search engines. However as you go down the list, you will notice specific non-search related sites that refer traffic to business.com.



On page two of the Link Intelligence report, you can see that jupitermedia.com is responsible for roughly 0.64% of the overall traffic to business.com. Even though this is a small percentage, it is still relatively high and thus an important traffic source.

Once you know which domains you are interested in, use Referrer Intelligence to identify the exact pages that refer the traffic.


From this report you can see that business.com is a Jupiter media partner, and that their link on the partners page accounts for 75% of the traffic.

Armed with this information, you could investigate how to also become a Jupiter Media partner and get your own link on the same page.

With your link next to business.com on the jupitermedia.com site, you would again increase your traffic share at your competitor's expense.

Note: For privacy reasons, all parameters are stripped from dynamic URLS and no data is collected for secure https:// pages.

How to use the data

1. Because you can identify specific pages that drive traffic to your competitors, you can go after a link on the same pages as part of your link building efforts. There is no guess work and you can focus on the pages that matter the most.

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