7. Ranking Report   

Knowing the search terms that your competitors rank for is important, because it provides a source of additional search phrases that you may wish to integrate into the content of your own web site.

The report is ideal for identifying niche terms that may not show up in the Search Intelligence data.

In this example, you can which search terms business.com is ranking for, what the rank is and how the rankings have changed in the last 30 days.



By making sure that your own pages rank for the same terms as your competitors, you may gain additional traffic for your website. If your pages rank higher, this will also reduce the level of available search engine traffic that your competitors receive.

How to use the data

1. The new ranking report provides a source of new keywords. These keywords you may wish to include in the content of your own pages to make sure that your site also ranks for the same terms.

2. The report lets you identify new terms on weekly basis. This enables you to react quickly to any changes resulting in new or better search engine rankings.

3. Track ranking changes over time to compare the effectiveness of your own SEO efforts vs. those of your competitors.

4. Monitor your own domains to detect and react to any sudden ranking drops.

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