6. Popularity Index Report

The Popularity Index is a rank assigned to each domain, based on the number of unique sessions a domain receives.

As you begin to use the competitive intelligence data to your advantage, you can monitor the PI rank of your competitors to see what impact your efforts have had on the levels of traffic your competitors receive.

In this example, our Competitive Intelligence data was used to better compete for available traffic.


As the Competitive Intelligence data was put to use at the start of September, you can see a visible impact the competitor's popularity rank. The drop in rank is proportional to a drop in the number of unique sessions that the competing domain has received.

How to use the data

1. The main purpose of the PI rank is to track how long term strategies impact the overall traffic levels of your competitors.

2. Secondly, it provides a comparison between your own online marketing efforts and that of your competitors. It makes it easy to tell who is gaining, or loosing market share over time.

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