3. Search Engine Intelligence

From the previous page, you have seen that Search Intelligence helps you to identify specific search engine queries that generate the most traffic for your competitors.

To effectively use this information, you also need to know which specific search engines are responsible for the traffic.

This information is provided in the Search Engine Intelligence data.


In the previous example we have seen that the search phrase business directory is the TOP search term driving traffic to business.com. Which engines does this traffic come from?

What is surprising, is that for this specific search term, MSN sends three times as much traffic than Google.

This could be because business.com may have higher organic rankings on MSN, or they could be paying for a listing on MSN via Overture.

You can find out what is actually going on, by looking at the Campaign Intelligence data. This will tell you if your competitors are paying for keywords to come up in the top search engine listings.

How to use the data

1. Because you know which engines send search traffic to your competitors, you know which engines you need to focus on in your Search Engine Marketing efforts in order to win market share.

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