9. Competitive Intelligence Executive Report

The Executive Report is a single page report that includes a snap shot of every CI Report available for a specific competitor.

You can select from a range of sub reports to be included in the Executive Report including:

  •  Subdomains List
  •  Top Referrers
  •  New Referrers
  •  Top Search Terms
  •  New Search Terms
  •  Top Google/Yahoo Rankings
  •  New Rankings
  •  Lost Rankings Report
  •  PPC Search Terms & Campaigns Report
  •  New PPC Terms
  •  Discontinued PPC Terms
  •  Meta Keywords Report
  •  New Meta Keywords
  •  PI Rank Report
  •  Report can be set to extract either the top 10, 20, 50, or 100 results

Additionally the Executive Report can be customized with your own look and feel.

The Executive Report is ideal for both SEO firms presenting Competitive Intelligence data to their clients and for internal presentations to management.

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