Trellian Bid Manager

The Trellian Bid Manager interface allows you full control of all PPC  campaigns including full management of listing creation plus the setting up of unlimited strategies which can include:

  • Bid management,
  • Time of day bidding,
  • Optimum position management
  • and much more...

Bids can be managed and checked automatically every hour on every keyword.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplified management of one or more campaigns
  • Single keyword management interface to cover major PPC
  • Automated bid control to prevent over and under bidding
  • Automated competitor watch to prevent forced over
  • Full campaign reporting by phrases and by engine
  • Can provide significant savings in both time and money
  • Easy to set up and use


The Bid Management service is priced at $99 per month with a one time $99 setup fee. This includes up to 100,000 automated bid adjustments/actions per month. (Additional action are charged at $0.002 each.)

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Free Trial

Take advantage of our 30 day FREE trial and discover how much time and money you can save with a better PPC campaign management solution.

To activate your trial, login to your existing account with either Paid Inclusion, Keyword Research and Competitive Intelligence accounts login details and follow the instructions, or create a new PPC account.